PLATFORM BASE through industrial security and integrated management

ICT small digital lock system

Enhancement of Institution /Industry Competitiveness
Enhance competitiveness of technology and capability externally by improving security for internal data and facilities.
Enhancement of Reliability
Improve an assessment of physical security at the time of external evaluation or censorship.
Management Efficiency
Check a use history and manage numerous keys with one
Replacement Efficiency
Reduce the cost and save the time wasted to replace a lock when a key is lost.
Security Enhancement
Easy to manage security as only approved users can access to important document boxes or facilities.
Ease of Use
Can use several keys required for facilities management with one digital key.

Advantages compared to the mechanical key

  • It is difficult to duplicate a key.

    The authentication method uses a digital chip, not a mechanical structure. It is managed after User Identifier is registered.

    It is difficult to pick (release).

    It is difficult to release using a universal key or a specific tool as it is done through digital authentication.

  • It doesn’t need several keys

    Several locks can be used or managed with one key.(One KEY Solution)

    It doesn’t need to replace a lock when a key is lost

    A lock can be used by replacing a user’s key easily using the upper-level administrator’s key. Therefore, it is easy to manage and can reduce the cost.

  • It is compact.

    It is as small as mechanical locks so it can be applied in a wide range of ways.

    Various programs are available.

    Many functions: A history of using a lock can be checked. 2-factor authentication and a real-time use state can be checked