PLATFORM BASE through industrial security and integrated management

ICT small digital lock system

PLATFORM BASE is receiving attraction as a new leader of industrial security thanks to its innovative functionality and verified applicability.
1) Patent Registration
3 technology patents in Korea, 1 in the U.S., 1 in China and decided in Europe (5 in progress), design (1 in Korea and Europe respectively), trademark registration, and many applications and PCT in progress
2) Certification
New technology (NET), ISO 9001, venture entrepreneur, research and development department, KC, CE (4 cases), Public Procurement Service Sprout Company, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Industry Converged Item (2017)
3) Test Report
KCL (15cases), TTA
4) Patent Research
Performed the patent road map (SYP Patent Law Firm) and IP R&D (KISTA)


  • Prime Minister Prize
    Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
  • Grand Prize – IP Family
    Suwon Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Excellence Award
    Sungkyunkwan University
  • Excellence Award
    Hanyang University Start Up Academy
  • Award Certificate (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
    nnovative Technology Show
  • Award Certificate
    Kyonggi Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration
  • K-DESIGN Awarded
  • Grand Prize
    Suwon-si Small & Medium Entrepreneur